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3D design | Genoa
3D scan | Genoa
3D design
3D design

Astrati provides support in the modeling and design, for projects or parts of it.

From an idea we develop the drawing, the 3D model, the rendering, up to its aesthetic or functional prototype or the final product, We offer FEM analisys and Topological Optimization studies.


3D modeling


Astrati helps to make your projects suitable for 3D printing

From a 2D drawing we model the 3D design, renderings, 3D printing or other new generation tool machines.


Rendering di prodotto

Astrati realizes photorealistic product renderings with photographic studio settings or inserted in their context of use to increase virtual reality.


3D design

Astrati provides support for additive design and the creation of product prototypes. We design assemblies and components with interference management. Creation of moving parts and couplings.

The design can be shared with customers in cloud.


2D design

We provide 2d technical drawings from customers inputs or 3D model.

Topological optimization

Astrati provides topological optimization service through FEM analysis to reduce weight or to create latice structures.


Digital sculpture

Astrati provides digital sculptures, virtual models and reconstructions of parts from: photo, idea, 3D scan or Tac through 3D sculpture software and produce in different materials and technologies.

3D scan

Astrati's Structured-light 3D scanner has precision up to 0.1 mm; max volume to 4 m3 (multiple scans can be joined for larger areas). Astrati provides mesh cleaning and reconstruction services, modification of geometries for Additive Technology (3D printing) and in CNC machines or virtualization.

The project can then be converted into different formats and shared also in the cloud.



Reverse engineering

Reverse measure and reconstruct real objects.

Once the data is acquired, a CAD mathematical a 3D model is re-created and can start the process of reverse engineering. The final model can be a multipatch surface or a solid that include all features and primitives geometries.

Scans for dimensional checks

Astrati compares the real scanned with the project provided by the customer to evaluate any dimensional differences. Creation of reports and project reviews.


Conversions from TAC

Astrati can work the files generated by TAC (DICOM format) and modify them or print them for medical (human or veterinary) or for historical-artistic uses too.


Scanning for the fine arts

Scanning for reproductions, digital archiving, virtual models, insurance.
Geometric scan and color mapping.
The model created by Astrati can be protected according to the client's requirements.

3D print | Genoa
Consulting for 3D technologies | Genoa
3D print
3D printing


Conceptual prototyping

To get a first idea of ​​the whole product, for style checks, visual analysis and ergonomics; Use of different technologies, scales and degrees of accuracy. Astrati uses high accuracy resins and finishing techniques for a better result.


End-use prototipes

Astrati offers you the possibility to have functional prototypes in plastic, ceramic and metallic materials.


Scale models

Astrati can start from your technical drawings, for architectural or product, to create a scaled model for exhibitions.


Additive manufacturing

Astrati offers small batch series or single end-use parts with the most suitable materials and technologies for your products.

3D printing service

3D printing service from your file.


Molds and micro-casting

Models for silicone molds and castable models for gewellery.


Fine arts

- Reproductions of statues and paintings for blind people. Study on the tactile translation of the painting or statue to improve its understanding.

- creation of molds for the reconstruction of parts: Astrati can create the positive or the negative and deliver a rough or a finished part.

- Non-invasive reproduction of art's works: We produce copies (or declinations of the work) with right coatings for interiors and exteriors. Possibility of artistic finishes. Possibility to create hollow parts to lighten the structure or let us pass pipes electric or liquid wires.

- Creations of personalized packaging for art's works. Packaging that fit to the work like a glove, protecting it properly.

Impossible keys

We duplicate keys that are out of production and without copyright. Possible restoration for worn keys.

Material: alloy steel.

Training and Consulting on different technologies and materials


Explore how to create from design to prototypes and series, through the new technologies.  Choose the appropriate materials and production system with our consult and training.

On site consulting
50-hour business package including feasibility study, product and software consulting, 3D CAD modeling base and 3D printing base train.

3D design training
16 hours  basic course of modeling for 3D printing with mechanical parametric CAD software.

3D printing training
16 hours  basic course on main 3D printings methods, modeling for printing and three-dimensional scanning with structured-light scanner.

Post finish for 3D prints | Genoa
Finishing and silicon gum molds


Colorings and finishes made by an expert hands for best result of prototypes. Artistic, chrome and gold leaf coating.

From 3D printing, negative or positive molds can be created for replication in materials such as marmorino and resins.

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