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31st edition of the METS at the Super Yacht Pavillon Stand 10.119 Astrati srl, F.lli Razeto & Ca

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The “Diver in a School of Anchovies”  is a sculpture by the artist Giuliana Poggi.

The product design of handles  “Diver in a School of Anchovies”  was developed by Astrati, 3D print services company which scanned the artwork, model as handles and then 3D-printed it with a coating of 24 carat gold.

F.lli Razeto & Casareto has designed it as a handle for double doors in glass or plexiglass.

The “Diver in a School of Anchovies” presents the silhouette of a woman who dives into a school of stylized fish, the woman is divided into two parts, creating two ergonomic handles. The artist has created a beautiful Plexiglas panel made in cameo style that gives the impression that the woman dives into a sea.

The “Diver in a School of Anchovies” by Astrati srl and the sculptor Poggi is presented within the path: Art and technology at your fingertips. Art and Technology at Your Fingertips will be the main theme of F.lli Razeto & Casareto’s stand in the Super Yacht Pavilion at the METS, Super Yacht Pavillon Stand 10.119.

“Art and technology at your fingertips” sums up very well the story of “Diver in a School of Anchovies”: the “Diver” is born as a work of art and, through technology 4.0, becomes a luxury handle. Astrati srl has used three-dimensional structured light scanners to detect the work of art by the sculptor Giuliana Poggi (with a definition of the cloud of points that reaches a definition of 0.2 mm). The sculpture presents different undercuts that can make it difficult to create copies with the traditional methods of silicone molds, this problem is solved through the three-dimensional scan of Astrati srl. From artwork to product design. After scanning the work, Astrati srl used many three-dimensional modeling programs to realize the product design of the double handle for sliding doors in glass or plexiglass. We have created several prototypes to arrive at the product agreed with F.lli Razeto & Casareto. Idea of ​​Giangi Casareto his presentation in the illuminated blue panel created by Giuliana Poggi. The company of Sori has therefore indicated to the Astrati srl how to make the first piece exhibited at the fair. The “Diver in a School of Anchovies” was then printed in 3D with suitable materials and covered in gold leaf by Astrati srl, as the coating on 3D printed materials must be carried out by people skilled in additive technologies.

Together with the “Anchovy counter plunger” they will be presented by the company F.lli Razeto & Casareto the FreeGo Finger Print handles by Karel Ruzicka, a 360° artist, stringed-instrument-maker, musician and designer, are part of the Remix of the FreeGo handle concept design. Fingerprints is also the name of his latest CD.

The FreeGo Damasco, on the other hand, is a Remix by Luca Pizzi of Forgia Pizzi , an Italian artist who chose stainless steel Damascus-forged in an inert oxygen-free atmosphere for his handle, imbuing it with the same robustness and precision as a sword.

The Razeto & Casareto stand in the SYP will also feature the Swim handle which is made exclusively for Majesty Yachts. This is a FreeGo sculpted into flowing lines and inspired by a swimming mermaid. It won a Yacht and Aviation Award in 2018 and is currently nominated for the 2019 German Design Awards.

A Remix of cultures and influences, materials and shapes that puts the lines of luxury products by F.lli Razeto and Casareto on a par with high fashion collections. They are aimed at individuals looking for unique and unique objects that could be defined as full-fledged works of art.

The 31st METS takes place in Amsterdam between the 13th and 15th of November. The leading trade fair for nautical accessories shows not only the best technologies and components on the market, but more importantly, the new products launched by the sector.

The “Diver in the school of anchovies” is part of the project: “Declinazioni d’opera” by Astrati srl.

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